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We are still slaves…yes, we are behind the bars, in the fetters, faraway suffering independence, we are being consumed by our own thoughts, by virtue of how freely we are accessing in the process of thought complexion, where our own real thoughts and ideas are tempted, fabricated and falsify. We initiates digging, into the redundant … Continue reading Musing

Depression: A common disaster

According to biology, our mind interprets things what we see and more importantly, the way we digest that scenario. If accumulation of positive energy occurs, we digest it pretty easily but that’s rarest of the rare in situations where one crumbles. Sources of negative energies always try to surpass the positive ones. But, never forget … Continue reading Depression: A common disaster


Hello world! I’m Maria, from a group of birds popularly known as Golden Pheasants, which humans have referred to as one of the most popular bird in the world. I live in a dense forest in Scotland. My habitat prefers woodlands. Though I’m least concerned by the IUCN(International Union for Conservation of nature), but I’m … Continue reading THE GOLDEN PHEASANT

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